The inflatable arch

An inflatable arch is an arch-shaped structure that is made of vinyl, PVC, or nylon, and is designed to be inflated with cold air with a fan.

The dimensions of the inflatable arches are usually between 3 to 10 meters wide, and they are inflated with cold air, so for their use it is only necessary to have a 1KW fan or more powerful depending on the size of the inflatable arch, and the number of air leaks, that the inflatable arch has.

Without a doubt, today the inflatable arch is one of the most popular and used inflatable structures, and in fact, we could not imagine many sporting events without an inflatable arch on departure or arrival.

Uses of inflatable arches

Since the 80s when inflatable arches began to be used in a massive way, they have been used in all types of events.

One of the most common uses is to carry out a start and finish for all types of races (marathons, cycling races, cyclo-cross, etc.).

Another popular use for inflatable arches is as an entrance to a fair, exhibition, or temporary event.

In Europe, the Tour de France is one of the sporting events that use the inflatable arch in a massive way, providing not only a start and a goal, but they are also used during the journey to show advertising of the sponsors.

And if we are looking for an example of the use of the inflatable arch in the United States known all over the world, we have to choose the SuperBowl, one of the most famous sporting events in North America and it would not be the same without the inflatable arch that opens players to the playing field.

Advantages of the inflatable arch

Next we will describe the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable arches compared to other types of structures.

Transport and storage

One of the most obvious advantages of the inflatable arch compared to other similar structures is its ease of transport, and this is because once deflated it hardly takes up space, and even the largest models can be transported in a conventional car without problems.

Customization of inflatable arches

Almost all the inflatable arches that we see are personalized, due to the simplicity and low cost of customization.

An inflatable arch can be customized in both its shape and colors, and in this way they can be altered to suit the specific event or the brand or company they represent.

Además, y esto es lo más importante, puede incluirse por medio de pegamento o velcro todo tipo de logotipos y frases promocionales, e incluso si el arco inflable es propio en lugar de estar alquilado puede pintarse sobre el arco inflable directamente con una resolución y calidad bastante alta.

In addition, and this is the most important, all kinds of logos and promotional phrases can be included by means of glue or velcro, and even if the inflatable arch is your own instead of being rented, it can be painted on the inflatable arch directly with a resolution and quality very high.

Price of an inflatable arch

As they are hollow structures, and whose walls are made with relatively inexpensive materials, their cost compared to other options is very low. This is another of the advantages of inflatable arches compared to other rigid structures.

Disadvantages and problems

As not everything can be advantages, we will indicate that by containing multiple air leaks, no matter how well it is built, they require the fan motor to be almost continuously running, which is an expense in electricity.

Inflatable arch


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